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Tarzan (1999)

Tarzan (1999)


Starring the voices of
Tony Goldwyn
Minnie Driver
Rosie O'Donnell
Glenn Close

Directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima

When you get to sit down and watch Tarzan you will understand why this movie is one of the best movies to have come out from Disney's animation studio.
The animation was the 37th film in Disney’s Renaissance Era and it was a lot different from the previous animations from the same era. In the previous animations the characters sing along, here the music which is provided by Phil Collins were song along side actions being depicted by the characters.

The movie plot follows a family (a couple and their infant son) who got shipwrecked and landed in the rainforest somewhere in Africa. They built a home for themselves there and were living fine until they were murdered by a leopard.
A gorilla named Kala hears the cries of the child and goes to save it from the leopard, that’s how Tarzan got to be her son and started living with the gorillas. He grew big and strong, able to jump through trees and perform feats that a typical man could not.

But he always knew he was different from the rest of his family, as he doesn’t have hair and teeth like the other gorillas. Things changed for the whole clan and himself when he came across Jane, her father and their guide. Tarzan never seeing another human before was excited and this excitement almost ended up getting him and the rest of the gorilla in his family killed.

The story is also a love tale as Tarzan and Jane fell for each other as we watch Tarzan try his best to bridge the gap between himself and the rest of humanity and not betray his gorilla heritage.

This Disney adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs story Tarzan of the Apes was at the time of release the first time we got to see the man raised by apes in a full-length animation. The movie won many accolades for the amazing Phil Collins soundtrack and animation was tasteful well done and it marked the end of an era.
Tarzan was the last movie of the Renaissance era.
The animation was a critical and commercial success for Disney, but most of the accolades of the movie went to the musical score. The soundtrack/score won an Academy Awards for Best Music, Original Song, Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song – Motion Picture and a Grammy for Best Soundtrack Album.
The animation is a keeper and worth owning to be seen again and again.


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