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Arthur (1981)

Arthur (1981)


Dudley Moore
Liza Minnelli
John Gielgud

Directed by Steve Gordon

Arthur is a nice movie, one you will enjoy watching and remember that you did. The writers removed all form of complexity that would have been needed to make this movie a masterpiece romantic comedy. They focused more on the comedy take of the movie and kinda rushed the love between Arthur and Linda.
The rush in the love and relationship is similar to the lack of depth between Arthur and the other lady he was supposed to marry.

Between the two it was love at first steal. The movie is far from being classified as realistic, but it draws your mind (or drew my mind) to wish to have that much money and so little care.
That was the character Dudley Moore played in this movie. Moore played Arthur, a rich promiscuous adult who refuse to be responsible or mature. His only trusted companions are those under his employ, like Hobson his butler.

Now Arthur was rich but not depressed enough to wear a hood and call himself Batman. Nor was he smart enough to make a cool Iron Man suit. The only reality this movie portrayed was that, not all rich people bother about gadgets.
Arthur just wanted to drink, be drunk and have meaningless sex with as many people as he can.

Things went sour when Arthur's father and grandmother asked him to marry a lady in other to unite both families.

Arthur was not happy with the idea but the repercussion of not going along with it, is that he will be cut off from his family's wealth.
Arthur decide to go along with the idea of marriage, but faced some stumbles when he met Linda. Linda was stealing from a shop when Arthur spotted her. Linda was not a good thief and when accused of stealing, Arthur swung to her rescue and fell in love.

That's the tale behind the Dudley Moore movie Arthur. As we see him try to grow his relation with Linda and manage his families expectations of an arranged marriage.

The movie won two Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Supporting Role for John Gielgud who played Hobson. The movie also won four Golden Globes one for Dudley Moore and also John Gielgud.

A remake which was a critical and commercial failure with Russell Brand as Arthur was done in 2008. This movie though was a critical and commercial success. It is also placed 53rd in the 2000: AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs and it is worth the watch.


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