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You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You’ve Got Mail (1998)


Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

Directed by Nora Ephron

The lady behind the magical Sleepless in Seattle, was also the one behind this movie You’ve Got Mail. Nora Ephron who directed and worked on the screen play for 1993’s Sleepless in Seattle which was to me one of the best romantic movies of the 90s. Joined forces with her sister to pen down this movie with Nora directing.
How they were able to persuade Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to comeback and play another pair of love interest is a fit that is best summed if you get to see the movie. The pair work well together and even though this movie did not have the flair or the charm of Sleepless in Seattle it did bring warmth to my heart.

As we watch two people being brought together by their conflicting rival businesses. As they fight to keep their businesses on top of the other, they are also pen pals. The pen pal part happens to be an unknown entity both party share.
They met in a chatroom and have decided to remain anonymous to one another and just sent each other mails daily.

In the real world both run book stores. Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly runs a book store she inherited from her mother. The store has been in business for more than four decades and Kathleen hopes to one day pass it on to her own child in the future when she has one.
Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) also runs a book store which is also a family business. The difference is, their store has made the Fox family millionaires and they are expanding and eating up smaller stores. Kathleen’s store is just a single shop which her mother has kept running from being nice, friendly and knowing what people need.

The Fox family opened a store right beside Kathleen’s store and were sucking away her customers with their discount and numerous offers.
Kathleen decided to seek help from her online friend who happens to be Joe Fox himself to see how she can take down Joe. When they agreed to meet, things got awkward as one party got there earlier than the other and decided not to show up as the expected online pal.

The movie was a commercial success, but in the critical part it was not rated anywhere as good as Sleepless in Seattle. None the less it was fun seeing this pair work together and I just didnt feel complete seeing Sleepless in Seattle and not seeing this one as well.


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