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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Bad Boys for Life (2020)


Will Smith
Martin Lawrence

Directed by Adil and Bilall

A third Bad Boys movie has been a long time coming. The movie as a whole is fun and is not a bad movie to watch, but it is not a great movie either.
I enjoyed the action, liked the new addition to the crew (AMMO squad) and wasn’t so cool about the exclusion from the crew. The movie may not leave up to huge splash of magnificence set by the first Bad Boys movie in 1995, but unlike the second part (which was wack) in 2003, it is a welcome addition.

First a little ground work, we know that the movie is about two buddy cops who seem to fit the Lethal Weapon kind of relationship. As a matter of fact, at first in Bad Boys one they were like a copy of Riggs and Murtaugh, but this time both were irrational and trigger happy. In this here movie they just turned the duo’s relationship to that of Lethal Weapon duo of Riggs and Murtaugh. You will best understand when you see it, and the idea in mind of Murtaugh always feeling too old for this shit,

Although in the end, they left a nice trail to digress to a new model with a possible sequel, Bad Boys 4.

Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and Mike (Will Smith) are a dangerous duo and no movie does justice to how dangerous these two are like Bad Boys one. This movie is full of action and the comedy is not as intense. The movie starts seventeen years after the last Bad Boys movie, and we see Marcus become a grandfather.
After that there was a prison break and a very strange woman is free thanks to help from her son and she has files on people she wants revenge on. She gives the files to her son and the location of a huge sum of money to which he can use to fund this revenge.

Very soon we get to see that her son is a bad ass. He starts the revenge party, but not following the direct orders from his mother, which caused our two leads to be adrift from all that is happening in the world for six months. Soon, they are back and the case is brought closer to them now, with the death of a mutual friend of theirs. They decided to take down this family with the aid of the new AMMO squad of Miami PD which are a group of tactical young people who use all form of gadgets.

The movie plot centers around the two trying to stop the son of the lady from killing more people, and very soon we get dragged deep to see why all these concern Mike.

The movie has positive reviews and it is doing very well in the box office compared to the waste of time movie last done by Will Smith, Gemini Man (2019).

It is a nice action flick to go see.


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