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Parasite (2019)

Parasite (2019)


Song Kang-ho
Lee Sun-kyun
Cho Yeo-jeong
Choi Woo-shik

Directed by Bong Joon-ho

Parasite for me is another movie that swept the Oscars and has me wondering why?
The movie is thrilling, but underwhelming. The Kim’s family has a way of infiltrating a home and taking full possession of it and not thinking of the repercussions their actions will have on the people they chase out. My own challenge with the movie is how easily it was for them to infiltrate the home. Then how easy it was for them to lose it.

I watched the movie without reading anything about it first, all I know about the movie was simply that it swept the Oscars in major categories.
Well in your case of reading this review, here is a bit of what this dark-comedy dramatic thriller is about.
The Kim family is made up of a father, mother, son and daughter, they are scam artists and freeloaders. The son had an opportunity to get a job based on a friend’s recommendation to teach English to a young lady. The lady is the daughter of the Parks, a rich family of four similar to the Kim’s.

The moment the Kim’s son was in the door, the scam began and one person was all the Kim family needed before each member of the home soon infiltrated the Park’s home.
The Kim family after fully integrating with the home were surprised to discover that there is a secret in the Park’s family home.
This secret which they have stumbled into, they feel is a challenge to their claim of the Park’s family home.

The movie’s way of resolving the challenge to the Kim’s is violence. The violence had a beginning, but then escalated out of control in a way that made me see why the Kim family cannot fully infiltrate a home, that is one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at the way things got out of control is that the director and script failed in that aspect. Maybe it is just me, but for a family of “Parasite” like that, I expected better control, better preemptive action and on the spot decisions. I felt the script failed in justifying the Kim’s actions when they discover a secret in the house.

For me this movie may have swept the Oscars, but it did not deliver the needed thrill of Best Picture or Best Director. While in other notable awards it gained recognition and got nominated, only the Oscars caved into trying to create a buzz.
The movie like I said is good, but not as good as the Oscars made it to be.


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