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Breaking News In Yuba County (2021)

Breaking News In Yuba County (2021)



Allison Janney

Mila Kunis


Regina Hall

Wanda Sykes

Directed by Tate Taylor

I have to be honest the first five minutes of this movie is begging you to turn it off. Who starts a movie with a woman forcing down her own throat positive speech, have her sister (Nancy – Mila Kunis) treat her as insignificant. Add to that her husband Karl, is having an affair plus she books a cake for herself for her birthday and they got her name wrong. A three letter name Sue (Allison Janney) was written as Suc and the store did not give a damn. I myself did not give a damn to continue watching, but the rule of mine to give movies just twenty minutes to impress before turning them off, paid out. This a very overly violent movie that does not care who gets shot or why.

The acting in this movie well, is not bad as you would expect from the cast’s in this film and the plot for the crappy initial five minutes turned out to be very well thought out. The movie has a focus on what happens when a bunch of selfish people who are willing to do anything for attention are let loose.

You will also love the very different characters the movie have, we have Peter’s boss played by Wanda Sykes a woman who just wants to have the adrenaline rush of being a criminal.

Back to the plot, the movie took a turn when Sue catches Karl her husband banging another lady and gets an heart attack. You will think for me the movie would have taken off, when we discover that Karl and his brother Peter have been running a money laundering scheme through the bank where Karl works. The movie took off when, you discover that Sue is not completely well screwed in the brains.

Now the people Peter and Karl have been working for, want them to continue working for them. Peter and Karl on the other hand wanted to turn over a new leaf, but these people (led by Awkwafina) will not let them rest. So Karl takes the money, remember this is happening on the day of his wife’s birthday and takes off to meet his bit on the side.

Sue who actually goes to Karl’s office to confront him on not remembering his birthday, sees Karl drive off with flowers in his hand, and a suitcase (the one Karl filled with money and is taking off with) she follows him. This led to where she catches him.

The movie is very twisted and has all the twisted characters all trying their best to screw up things the more.


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