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Tom and Jerry (2021)

Tom and Jerry (2021)




Chloë Grace Moretz

Michael Peña

Colin Jost

Rob Delaney

Ken Jeong

Directed by Tim Story

The main issues with this movie is the segregation of the main characters to the back of the story which on its own is not worth my time. Also, the directing is not well crafted and the pacing is all over the place, it will be a miracle to see this movie without dozing off.

Tom and Jerry were the supporting cast in their own movie. I have to say I was completely disappointed by this movie, sad thing was I was so geared up to see it and boy, what a let down.

Tom and Jerry are an iconic pair, which I grew up watching. Their animation was a tradition and I cannot count how many of their animated chases I have watched. The film is based on the cartoon characters and their numerous animated shorts. They pair were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

This is the second fully theatrical film adaptation of the characters following 1992's Tom and Jerry: The Movie. This movie is a mix of animation (for the animals) and live-action for the humans.

The plot features mostly the life of a lady Kayla (Chloë Grace Moretz) who seem to be some sort of crook who will do anything to get ahead of others. Like every family centered movie, she learned her lesson for this way of life and turned over a new leaf. Sad thing was, she learning her lesson hits you smack in the face from no where. It was in no way needed for her to do a u-turn she had gotten lucky and was coasting it through and the movie should have just left it there.

So Kayla, lies her way to get a job working in a hotel under the event manager Terrance (Michael Peña). Terrance happens to be planning a big wedding for the most popular couple on earth apparently. Do not ask me who they are, they looked like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

On the side is Tom and Jerry, with Jerry wanting to make the hotel his new home and Tom wanting to get Jerry, Tom chases him into the hotel. You see, Jerry messed up Tom’s scam and Tom has had a biff.

Jerry happens to be on a normal mouse hunt and caused a stir, making the manager want to have Jerry exterminated, because this marital event will put the hotel on the map. But if the tale of a mouse mess up the marriage the hotel will be tanked. Kayla meets Tom who as we said is on a vendetta quest, and she was able to convince the manager to hire Tom to catch Jerry. Here is a point to note, cartoon animals in this movie are treated as minorities who have rights and whatnot.

With Tom on the hotel time we see the regular cartoon gimmicks of Tom trying to catch Jerry, while they are messing up the hotel as they do. How Kayla is going to be able to keep the wedding going and manage these two is what this movie is about, and I beg you save your time for something else.


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