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Coming 2 America (2021)

Coming 2 America (2021)




Eddie Murphy

Arsenio Hall

Jermaine Fowler

Leslie Jones

Tracy Morgan

KiKi Layne


Directed by Craig Brewer


Back in 1988 and all though the 90s, Coming to America was the movie to watch. It was funny, innovative and it had a plot that you can never get tired of seeing playout.

So basically, all I want to know is, who asked for a Coming to America sequel?

Because that person needs a good slap.

This would have best served as a glorified fest of black celebrities of the 80s/90s reunion. We had Wesley Snipes, Morgan Freeman, Envogue, Salt n Pepa and even Gladys Knight.

There was nothing more annoying than seeing a plot, do the same thing as the first movie did and just did not bother to add reasonable ingenuity. What happened to coming up with something new?

If it isn’t broken, why fix it does not apply here. If you want to apply it then this nonsense should have not been made.

The king of Zamunda (Jaffe by James Earl Jones) is dying and his son Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is going to be the new ruler. The problem is he does not have any sons, Akeem has three daughters. The neighboring kingdom is waiting on Jaffe to die so they can attack and takeover Zamunda. Jaffe tells Akeem he needs to find a male heir or face challenges with the general of the rival kingdom played by Wesley Snipes. Just to solve this problem there happen to be some anti-aging CGI, plus old unused footages and many graphic effects artist on ground to help us visualize the story writers concoct a stupid tale of Akeem fathering a child. You see Semmi (Arsenio Hall) arranged a woman (Leslie Jones) for Akeem when they first came to America. The woman unknown to Akeem and not a fault of her own drugged him and they had sex, which led to a child… a son. Akeem and Semmi again have to go to America to bring that child back to save Zamunda.

When watching this movie and each time I see Wesley Snipes doing what the hell he was doing, I get extremely angry and disgusted.

This movie is so heavily dependent on people enjoying it based on nostalgia that when they are not talking about what happened in the first movie, they are doing visual flashbacks. While these (talks and visual flashbacks) would have been cool once, manageable twice, this movie had this happening more than three times.

What is the whole point of making this movie, if all you do is borrow heavily from the first part and then gang up a story which could have been thought up by a kindergarten. Then to add insult to injury the cast were either people whom should either have retired. Or people who need to find out who put a curse on them that they were unable to get better jobs.

You can catch this wasted over an hour of my life on Amazon Prime, the best advice I can give you is to never see this movie.


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