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Monster Hunter (2020)

Monster Hunter (2020)



Milla Jovovich

Tony Jaa

Tip "T. I." Harris

Meagan Good


Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson


The movie has nice fight scenes whenever the humans take on the monsters. The CGIs are cool when you look at the $60 million budget they had to play with. That’s all the movie has to offer, other than the fights and CGI the whole thing was a bore. The story is very glitchy and movie itself feels like you are supposed to have known something about what is going on.

To make it worse, the dialogues are dreadful. Where the dialogues are supposed to fill in the blanks, they instead made room for more questions. This movie is written, produced and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and I believe he got carried away by his fascination of the game he is adapting from. Because me and am sure other people who have never played or heard of the game are unaware of the origin tale of what is happening.

If you are unaware of the origin tale in detail this movie becomes incoherent. That thing you are supposed to know is the why and how? There is a new-world – how come? Monsters are present there, especially at the gate from that world to ours – from where comes these monsters? Were these monsters created by the first civilization or were the monsters there from the get go? Who are these first civilization?

The plot starts with a group of men in the New World where humans co-exist with a lot of large and savage monsters. A hunter got separated from his team when their ship is attacked by a horned monster.

Later on, in the real world a group of army soldiers led by Artemis (Milla Jovovich) go in search for some soldiers in the desert when they get sucked into the new-world. There they had to face a monster which led to a sting of events and the death of all Artemis men.

Artemis met the hunter, while she and her crew were trying to survive. Artemis and the hunter became a pair as both did not understand each other’s language and they continued their survival together, until they ran into another group of people. They joined these group to try and stop the portal from opening and allowing people/monsters to move from one world to another.

I know this plot sounds like there is something missing, but I tell you this is the plot of the movie as it is so I beg your pardons.

The release of this movie back in 2020 faced a lot of push back and forth because of the pandemic. There have been both digital and home video release which I will ask you should miss.


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