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Yes Day (2021)

Yes Day (2021)




Jennifer Garner

Édgar Ramírez

Jenna Ortega


Directed by Miguel Arteta


Yes day does not even make an attempt to be more, the possibilities a child could come up with when given a yes day are endless. Instead, this movie decided to go down the route of mediocre with the children asking for things, any parent(s) will normally do on a weekend.

The movie is very predictable and everything you would expect to happen in such movies as this, does. The fallout of this movie is the lack of burst out laughing moments, not even moments where the smile is from within and you smile on the face. The movie is just something to see with you kids and let them know that such a thing will never happen in your home.

What, the hell is Yes Day and if it is a parenting thing, well that is one bad parenting thing to do. Then comes the time when Allison (Jennifer Garner) lost it and got her and her husband, Carlos imprisoned. The silly things after that with the officers letting the children go on their own, can be overlooked because it was wrapped in silliness and impossibilities. But Allison losing her mind and fighting over a stuffed pink gorilla, that was set in the movie on purpose to show a mother at her wits end. That fighting over a stuffed gorilla for a fourteen-year-old was just silliness at the highest and made absolutely no sense and did not add to the comedy, just aided the plot along a lazily written path.

The movie starts with the introduction of Allison a lady who seems to be ready for anything or any adventure and is willing to take risks as long as it will be fun in the end. It was on these bends that she met her husband Carlos, and they got married and had three kids. It was here the fun stops and the parenting started.

Now, Allison who was willing to say yes to anything has become the No Lady. Which any parent or adult who has cared for a child will know is actually the only way to raise a child. You have to be the bad guy and the whole point of parenting is to raise the child to be a useful person in the society not for them to be your best friend.

Well after a parent teacher meeting, which made Allison feel that her children look at her as a merciless dictator, the couple heard of the idea of a Yes Day and decided to give it a try.

With their two eldest children acting up and the last one just being a cute lady the couple felt the Yes Day idea will help them to cut loose and change the children’s perception of them.

Well, as you can guess things started up ok at first, then at one point everything went downhill fast. Like all family movies, it all ended with the family closer and more loving to one another.

Like I said above this is a movie you can watch with your family. There is a but, the children have to be young no teenager will find this film anything as interesting as the action movies or better comedies that are out there.


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