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R.I.P.D 2: Rise of the Damned (2022)

R.I.P.D 2: Rise of the Damned (2022)





Jeffrey Donovan

Penelope Mitchell

Jake Choi


Directed by Paul Leyden


There are times when you get this idea to see something silly. Then what comes your way just happens to be R.I.P.D 2. I never liked the first one, I believe that was one movie Ryan Reynolds did not fit in. The story had a serious edge that at times seem like the movie took itself too seriously than needed.

Lost on anyone will be, the idea that a part 2 will be a good movie to see is something I knew was not going to happen. But I did half expect some comedy and a lot more on a dull day.

This movie had one of those fantasy hell plots, where it was that time of day in the world, where there was a crack between hell and earth and one of the demons got out.

He reigned in some minions and sent them out and about making hell catching humans for this demon and that is where Sheriff Roy (Jeffrey Donovan) got killed, during one of these raids. He appears before the R.I.P.D and given the chance to go back to stop the dead who have come back and are now hiding in human skin (possessed the humans).

Roy takes the job in the hope of getting to see his daughter who was about to get married when he got killed. The problem is and as we saw in the first movie, when you comeback you are not with the same body or face.

Roy who joined hoping to reunite, cannot get to see his daughter even though he desires it more than anything else in the world.

The movie then takes a back sit to some of the worst lines and a plot that seemed so elementary, you will think it was written as a class project for 10-year-olds. Jake Choi was supposed to be the comic relief, an addition to the comedic pairing of Roy and his partner a woman who has been in the R.I.P.D for like 400 years. Jake Choi as comedy relief alone is a good joke in itself.

The movie just lost it the moment the two leads (Donovan and Mitchell) met, their onscreen pairing was a mismatch. Their partnership seemed so setup that Roy will always have the edge over someone with more than 400 years’ experience ahead of him. I always wonder why the world will be on the brink of ending and heaven and the R.I.P.D are not even in the forefront to help their solders.

In the end, I got the feeling not to even try watching movies like this ever again. They end up taking your time and have nothing to give in return.


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