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Spirited (2022)

Spirited (2022)



Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds

Octavia Spencer


Directed by Sean Anders


I think this movie would have had higher ratings generally if it was shorter and not too much singing and too many things happening that we did not need to see. I liked the idea of the movie though and I enjoyed watching a different take on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. This modern take makes the best use of current trends to make this movie more impactful and easier to watch. It is not as predictable as you would think which is a good thing. And the way things turned out in the end was not the way you will expect. The problem with this nice movie is all the fluff in-between that did not matter at all. All the traveling between worlds that dragged for much too long and conversations that you will be happy to be able to skip through.

I loved the chemistry between Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds and the way this movie ended, was open to more ideas of what could happen next.

The movie plot introduces us to a world where some ghosts are part of a group who help people change and become better. They have like a whole team who work hard in the background to make sure that Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-come get their mark to change and be a better person which will cause a ripple effect of good things. The current target is Clint (Ryan Reynolds) a person deemed unredeemable, and the person Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) wanted to take on.

Present was feeling a bit down and wanted a challenge and Clint was it and he thought he was up for the job and then learned that Clint truly was not the kind of person you can change.

Clint was hard in his ways and did not play by the rules. He flipped the table on the Ghosts so many times that they could not keep up.

It was not that Clint had a better plan than they, it was just that they were used to people being freaked out about their presence. Now they meet Clint who kept believing it was a dream and never took anything that was happening serious.

Clint was a PR person with his own company and his job was to take a bad situation and turn it to a PR masterpiece. So, when the Ghosts showed up trying to change him, he used his PR skills to flip the tables on them.

You can catch this Christmas musical comedy on Apple+ and I hope if they plan on another take, they just make it with less fluff.


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