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Disenchanted (2022)

Disenchanted (2022)





Amy Adams

Patrick Dempsey

Maya Rudolph

Idina Menzel

James Marsden


Directed by Adam Shankman


Enchanted was an amazing movie. I enjoyed it very much and looked forward to seeing this sequel, but in the end I was disappointed. This movie is a big let down and was not well written or directed. It was annoying and cringy for a movie that started well with so much promise. It is still a musical fantasy romantic comedy although in this one the romance took a back sit on a wasted Morgan link to a male character.

If you have not seen the first movie Enchanted (2007), then watching this one will be a waste of your time. Sadly, if you have seen the first movie Enchanted (2007) watching this will also be a waste of your time. When a story/movie starts with a now teenager Morgan, you are hooked because the last time we saw Morgan she was a little girl hooked on fairytales and princesses. So how she will deal with life as a teenager who has witnessed fairytales and princesses was something I wanted to see.

Here I was craving seeing Amy Adams again as Giselle and her new life with Morgan and Robert, and I got what I wanted for like twenty minutes. Because the moment Edward came (James Marsden reprising his role so is almost everyone else) bringing a gift, the movie rang the bell of predictability.

The cool thing of Enchanted was that you knew what was going to happen, it was the path to happily ever after that was the fun. This sequel decided to do the same thing, but with no finesses and the path to it was not enjoyable just TV Movie set writing with B-movie wasted effects.

Wow, Giselle is now the stepmother who thinks she can fix everything and just ends up making everything worse. Then tries to fix that mess, by making one of the most foolish wishes you can think of. The wish made no sense, it tanked everything she had built, and it was one of those things you saw coming and hoped the writers would be smart enough to sidestep the foolish idea. Nope, the charged right into it.

Why could they not make a movie where Morgan and Giselle just got along on the surface? Many of us do with our parents when we were young, we knew they did not understand, but on the surface, we just got along with it. Movies always over dramatize the mother and daughter teenage years. Stepmom and stepdaughter dynamic. I know many stepmoms and stepdaughter who get along.

What I expected was Morgan having issues Giselle not understanding and we watch them figure each other out. Not a stupid fight that ends in a foolish wish, I wanted them to talk to one another, try to understand each other’s world, this did not happen. There was no need for a guy in Morgan’s life it just made the movie seem rushed. She is struggling to fit into school and then has a guy in her life, in a movie that is focused not on her, but another person. They just moved to a new place, and then there is romance in her life, where was the time to develop this? This movie includes numerous supporting casts who have their own screentime to pull.

Add the songs they sing in-between all this mess, Morgan’s school problem and guy issue seemed rushed, never had any depth and just made the whole thing worse.

I hate the fact that Disney+ made this movie.


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