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80 for Brady (2023)

80 for Brady (2023)




Lily Tomlin

Jane Fonda

Rita Moreno

Sally Field

Tom Brady


Directed by Kyle Marvin


Hmm… there is something about this movie that just seems very slow. The movie itself is very slow but I give it to the ladies being in their 80s (well two of them, one is in her 90s and the other Sally Field is in her 70s) and still able to get the job done. It is magnificent to see them work I am in my late 30s and I do not think my knee will allow me to move just as much as these ladies did. This is not me being ageist, but appreciative of the fact that I am seeing people doing things like making a movie without being slowed down.

Appreciating the ladies is one thing, but movie lacked some needed juice to make the whole matter come together.

At times the movie felt gloomy, but I give it one thing – I have seen worst movies with guns and action and could not even keep my eyes open to see it to the end. This one even though it was predictable, especially the losing of the bag was expected, I still wanted to see how it will end.

The movie I think is Tom Brady’s first featuring role, and it is based on some real events. It is about four women who have a ritual they do watching their favorite player, Tom Brady.

Lou who is a cancer survivor decided to be bold and wanted to go see the Super Bowl, lucky for them the sport radio show they were listening to was giving out four free tickets and the four ladies pulled all their stings to increase their chance to win the ticket.

Lou surprise them with the tickets telling them they won the contest, so now the four get on a road trip to go see the Super Bowl and to experience the town hosting it.

While seeing the town, what I liked is that the movie did not delve into the norm of the four breaking apart and crying back together.

It had them all experience their own individuality, but as friends always do. Managing one another and did not allow the weirdness of the others get to them.

They found their way to watch the Super Bowl in style and we get to see them in their own way make a difference in the outcome of the game.

I am not going to be able to give this movie more than the 5/10 rating because it was easy to watch, but not so thrilling and fun. Just an easy average movie to see any given sunday.


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