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Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (2023)

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (2023)




Jason Statham

Aubrey Plaza

Josh Hartnett

Hugh Grant


Directed by Guy Ritchie


Here is a movie you should only see if you are suffering from insomnia. The movie is as predictable as it can be. It does not even try to do something new. It just follows a line and when it tries to pull a surprise it only brought about a yawn from me. This is supposed to be like an action thriller comedy, but instead it was a boring explosive fest.

The movie is a total waste of the minutes spent creating it, wasteful acting and directing seemed like Ritchie just wanted to get the movie done and over with.

The movie had so many things that do not add up, and the way the twist bad guy seems to be a thorn in the flesh at every corner begs the question, how?

The whole point of the movie is to show off a criminal who seems to be the middleman behind a lot of the cruel operations around the world. Making billions from the death of millions. Now, this character is played by Hugh Grant in the most unsophisticated way you can expect. Maybe it is the need to add some comedy into the mix led to this turn of events, but it was more nauseating than it was intriguing. And it was not fun seeing it.

The plot is about the theft of something called the handle. The British government calls in one of their agents Nathan to go retrieve it. Nathan calls in his team led by Orson (Statham) to go undercover into the criminal middleman’s life with the aid of his obsession over an actor named Danny.

Their cover all through the movie survived to almost the end, which is weird because I could count many times their actions should have led them to be caught.

They always seem to be cameras available for Orson and his crew to hijack to see what was going on. But when their team makes a mess and they get away, the bad guys never think to check their cameras because they do not have one in place in such locations.

Then comes the hacking and being hacked scenarios in the movie. I do not understand if the movie was trying to test my patience or just wants me to think that I am completely stupid.

This movie was not a good time nor a good expenditure there are better things one can do with his money and time.



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