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Scream VI (2023)

Scream VI (2023)






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First thing to get out of the way is that Scream VI does not have Neve Campbell in it, so there is no Sidney Prescott. This is the first time a Scream movie is being done without its iconic character.

I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, thrilling and very fast paced. Things started happening from the get-go and when the regular first death, which usually is the first thing that happens in Scream movies. The first female character you see on screen will probably be the first victim. The movie did not waste any time, it just picked up from where it stopped from the previous movie and things started happening fast.

As you will expect, the movie does pay respect to its predecessors. Borrowing a lot of elements from previous Scream movies and also keeping to Scream movie rules.

Some of the movie settings will give you nostalgia. Then it is not possible to have a horror movie without the horror movie clichés of characters behaving oddly and getting killed, or some events being too easy and lastly the bad guy is never fully dead until he is dead dead.

I can’t understand how they have managed to keep this going for six movies, but well done to the makers it is a good job.

After the events of Scream 5 sisters Sam and Tara are now living in New York, with their roommates, when they get a call from the police that there has been a murder and Sam’s ID was at the scene of the crime with a Ghostface mask. They were to come in for questioning when the two were attacked by someone in the Ghostface mask while they were outside their home.

They get to the station and there we meet. Kirby (a character from Scream 4 (2011)) who is now an FBI agent on the case. We also meet Gale who has gone against the girls when she promised not to tell the story of what happened in Scream5, but she is now doing it for the money.

Things did not go easy for the girls as they were constantly being chased by the killer and as the regular Scream theory goes, anyone who is not the main character, but a friend of the main character gets stabbed. Some die and some do not.

As normal Scream movie ends, there is always a lingering connection between the killers and the main characters. Even when the movie ends with the killer stopped, you get the feeling that one distant family relation will pick up the knife and go after the girls once more.

Money was the main reason we did not see Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) in this movie, and I do hope if they make more movies, they pay her enough. I enjoyed this movie with the new faces, but I miss Sidney.


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