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Tower Heist (2011)

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Tower Heist (2011)


Ben Stiller
Eddie Murphy
Casey Affleck
Alan Alda
Matthew Broderick
Téa Leoni

Directed by Brett Ratner

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Tower Heist will go down as one of those movies that just kept trying to make you like it, but all you get is some laughs and the fun of how things were going down will make you finally allow yourself to like it. One thing stands out though finally Eddie Murphy, found a movie that didn’t totally suck and his acting is a welcomed development for any scene he was in was fun to see.

Since Nutty Professor 1, all Murphy movies to me have been worth avoiding, but not this one with the help of Ben stiller, and Matthew Broderick masterful performance, made this movie a good watch for the audience.

Directed by Brett Ratner (he directed Rush Hour (1,2 & 3) and Produced Horrible Bosses), Ratner found a way of making you sit through half this movie wondering where the wheel is going to turn before it turns and you go

oh! Okay…Ocean’s Eleven.

I guess the movie’s best delivery is the fact that the audience get to see a wealthy walls street scumbag go to jail.

The movie is centered on Josh (Ben Stiller) a manager of a hotel for multi-millionaires and one of their main client is Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) who owns the penthouse suite, but then Shaw is arrested by FBI agent Claire Denham (Tea Leoni) and charged with ripping off all his investors, which unfortunately includes all the hotel staff. Josh confronts Shaw and ends up losing his job.

In order to get back at Shaw, Josh decided to steal 20 million dollars from Shaw, based on a tip he got that Shaw has that money close.
So he recruits some of his fellow co-workers, a despondent walls street financier (Matthew Broderick) and a street thief named Slide (Eddie Murphy).

Imagine a bunch of twelve year olds trying to rob a bank, now that’s Tower Heist, where none can shoot and even when discussing the “great plan” it ended up turning to a debate on lesbian tenderness and on top of all this Josh (Stiller) wants to date the FBI chick Claire (Tea Leoni) running the case.

With all this happening the heist went on not as planned, but it happened… the movie ended in a very… let’s just say it could be better way, but hey Tower Heist delivers, this movie does pack laughs, and something to go watch with a pal.


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