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Ride Along (2014)

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Ride Along (2014)


Ice Cube
Kevin Hart

Directed by Tim Story

Ride Along is a drag along. The movie reminded me of a Martin Lawrence movie Blue Streak (1999) and another Martin Lawrence movie National Security (2003), both of which were not hits. Ride Along plagues on idea from all Buddy Cop movies, from crazy Lethal Weapon (1987) style of thinking they got all things under control, to Rush Hour (1998) style where they acted like two misfits not meant to be in the same boat together. The movie just rides on all these buddy cop movies and then thinks it has a good screenplay locked down.

The writers must have loved Martin Lawrence movies because I even saw traces of Nothing To Lose (1997) in this movie, not to mention the Looney Toons style of catching the bad guy, where did I see that happen before… “a car chase Looney Toons style,”
Oh yeah, A Good Day To Die Hard (2013), and this movie was also a buddy cop movie (which became the new style of every Die Hard movie except the first two (Die Hard (1988) and Die Harder (1990)), maybe that is why the first two were the real classics, something for the producers to think about).

The only thing this movie was missing was a man dressed like a woman (Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s series) well in the movie there was something that looked like it, there was a woman mistaken to be a man because of the way she dressed and not to mention the beards.
These writers must have sat through a Martin Lawrence weekend before writing this crap mistake that was not funny one bit because all the jokes I have seen before in another movie, and it was done better.

The critics rating of this film in Rotten Tomatoes is 17% approval and audience was 70%, I guess I side with the critics when I say this plot that you are about to read is as lames as it gets.

Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is a fast talking, childish looking security guard, who gets his dream come true approval, when he is accepted to join the police academy.

His potential brother-in-law James Payton (Ice Cube) is a detective, who does not approve of Ben dating his sister and when he got to know that Ben was going to be in the police academy he takes him on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order for Ben to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James's sister.

The patrol started smoothly until it turned to a real case that led to potential closure of the 3 year case James has been working on against the criminal named "Omar" (Laurence Fishburne).

This movie ladies and gentle has been approved to have a sequel done, why Hollywood why?


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