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Nothing To Lose (1997)

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Nothing To Lose (1997)


Martin Lawrence
Tim Robbins

Directed by Steve Oedekerk

No matter what critics may say Nothing to Lose is one of the funniest movies I have seen. I stand to believe that this movie has been overlooked and it has not been given the well deserved recognition that it should get. The pair was so mismatched that it just robs out funny. The dialogue and scenes were well crafted to pull out the thrill and laughter in you, that at the end of this movie you can’t help but to think back and laugh.

The movie can be said to play on stereotyping color or race, as Martin Lawrence plays Terrence, a typical black man who is finding it hard to cope and keep up with the life and his co lead actor Tim Robbins plays Nick who is a typical white man with everything in his life going right.

Now what led to this two meeting was, Nick got home to find some people having sex in his bed, he looks and saw only the woman’s back and believing that was his wife, he leaves the house devastated not saying a word to the wife.

On his way out he found his boss’s cufflinks on the table and immediately Nick put two and two together; his boss is sleeping with his wife.

He leaves home driving to no place in particular and find himself in a black neighborhood where Terrence pulls a gun at him asking for his wallet and car keys, Nick not in the mood, drives off with Terrence in the car acting all crazy that makes Terrence start to beg him, telling him that he is sorry for trying to rob him.

At the end both find themselves in the desert and become friends as Nick plans to get back at his boss, by robbing him.

The acting to me was top notch, and this will be the only time that I ever felt Martin Lawrence’s over acting style was impressive and funny. Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption (1994)) also stands out as his character has to face the problem of dealing with adultery, a role which I felt he did well.

Although I find this movie funny and quite interesting the movie ended up not making enough at the box office. But the movie’s soundtrack was well received and it was certified gold (that is it sold more than 500,000 copies).
The song "Not Tonight" by Lil' Kim and featuring Left Eye, Da Brat, Angie Martinez, and Missy Elliott was the most popular and it gained major airplay on TV and radio stations.

However you may want to look at it, Nothing to Lose is a good movie, one that many should watch and get the chance to make a decision for yourself on whether it is good or not, but for me and my view point it is a well constructed and well crafted comedy that all should see.


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