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Delivery Man (2013)

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Delivery Man (2013)


Vince Vaughn
Chris Pratt
Cobie Smulders

Directed by Ken Scott

Delivery Man is not pathetic a film it is just too dull for you to fully appreciate the idea the writer was trying to pass across. Delivery man is a remake of a 2011 Canadian film (which was also directed by Ken Scott) Starbuck, somehow the idea of a man wanking (masturbating) and fathering over 500 children as a result of his trip to the fertility clinic came out more disgusting than it was meant to be moving.

Vince Vaughn is my man any day, but his latest movies have all been a drag, his attempt though is far better than the crap that Adam Sandler has been doing lately, but I just wish that Vaughn will just get a break and get it soon because if he continues like this, I will probably stop watching his movies, same way I have stopped watching Sandler.
The last good movie that I have seen Vaughn in was way back on 2007, where he played Fred Claus in a movie of the same name (Fred Claus).
Before this (Delivery Man), the last movie I saw him in was The Internship (2013), which was also dull and looked more like a Google advert than a movie.

The movie is about David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), who visited the fertility clinic and gave sperm for money over 600 times, his sperm was in high demand; actually his profile was in high demand and his sperm was used in over 500 women who then conceived and now David is the father of more than 500 children. These children then came together and decided to do what it takes to discover who their father is, as the confidentiality agreement David signed with the clinic made it hard for the children to find him.
But he looked up his children and visited them at different times, keeping his identity a secret and acting like their guardian angel.

In comparison to its original version, Delivery Man is missing much, the whole idea of changing Vaughn from the fast talking comic actor to a more passive role may seem very good on the resume, but on screen it felt much like something was terribly missing.

In the end, even Vince Vaughn cool and calmness could not save the day in this movie and I will not advise anyone to waste even a dime to see this movie, your money can be better spent elsewhere.


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