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Predators (2010)

Predators (2010)


Adrien Brody
Topher Grace
Alice Braga
Walton Goggins
Laurence Fishburne
Danny Trejo

Directed by Nimród Antal

The Last Predator movie in 2010, is very different from the first two movies of the franchise and I do hope the next Predator movie coming out in 2018, will go back to the old ways.
It is not that this movie did not stand out in its own way. The movie had its own twists and made sure when you think you are sure how things were going to turn, there is another twist in it for you to get you off guard.

The major difference between this and the first two is there was more than one Predator calling the shots. In fact, there were three different creatures in this movie. This made it harder for the humans who started off as eight individuals and were being cut down to size one by one.
The effects were a step up in this movie as you will expect for a movie done in 2010, but the story to me was kind of lazy. The movie was set in a planet far far away which to me is an easy way to make this movie.

The movie eliminated external factors that may contribute a nuisance. Factors like the whole entire earth and the rules that govern the earth within the solar system it exists were totally side stepped and in its place, we have a new planet. I guess for me the writers adopting a new planet made it easier to bend the rules as they want and create settings to suit the way they want to carry the tale.

In the end, you are left with a wild chase which lacked the cruelty of Predator 2 (1990) and the great hunt of man vs alien in Predator (1987).

The movie starts with our characters waking up while freefalling from the sky. One by one, they meet and formed a party of eight on a planet where nobody knows where. They know they are being watched, they figured they are being hunted, but the why and the who is far from them.

Soon they were being tested by the hunters as creatures which they could best describe as alien dogs started chasing them, until one of them was caught and set as a trap for the others.

They evaded the trap and that single incident helped them discover why they were on the planet. Their individual skills made them hard to kill and hard to be caught in traps set by these creatures hunting them and soon they realized they were in a game reserve where they were the game.

I will not rate this as good as the first two, but it was a fun ride to watch all the Predator stand-alone movies back-to-back.


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