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Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)


Rowan Atkinson
Ben Miller
Emma Thompson

Directed by David Kerr

For me having to sit through another Rowan Atkinson movie is a delight. His high class (Mr. Bean’s) packaged stupidity is not something I get to see in the movies regularly. I have over the years lost the taste for action spy movies, but spy comedies are always a delight.
That said, this movie was not as good as Johnny English (2003) or Johnny English Reborn (2011), but it had for me the barrel of laughs I needed.

Emma Thompson will forever be an amazing actress to behold on the screen, she plays the prime minister in this movie. Her character was just as silly as English was, but not in the stupid way English is. English is was ahead of himself as always and thanks to some well timed errors he ended up saving the day.

Back to make sure that English does what is expected of him is the character Bough (Ben Miller). As usual the world is in trouble, when I say the world I mean the UK and there is nobody to save the day left. As we can recall English is an accidental spy and a complete fool. He is always the last person for the British Secret Service to call and he never misses that call.

This time the British Secret Service has a problem related to this present age, Cyber attacks. They have been hacked and all the names of their agents have been leaked. Now the attacker(s) continued to cause trouble and now they have no choice but to recall all the old agents back.

In a room with the old agents, English took them all out by mistake and he was the only one standing. When on the case he called for his old colleague Bough, and together they began investigating, looking for the villain behind the Cyber threat.
This trail led a path where English stupidity and skills were handy even though they were a distraction to the intent of his cause.

Apprehending who he has now pinpointed to be the man behind the crime is also an herculean task because he is popular and a favorite to someone higher up than English.

My criticism to this movie is that they did not even make any attempt to make the plot good enough for a second viewing. The movie is fun to see, but I can guarantee you that you will not be rushing for seconds. The plot is weak, the character who plays the villain is very annoying and the movie as a whole is below average.
But like I said, it had the amount of laughs that I needed for my day.


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