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Uncle Drew (2018)

Uncle Drew (2018)


Kyrie Irving
Lil Rel Howery
Shaquille O'Neal
Chris Webber
Reggie Miller

Directed by Charles Stone III

There is time for everything they said, the time movie studios produce good movies and a time you wish they did better with their money.
Uncle Drew falls into the category of – why did the studio invest in this whole lump of trash?
I know the financial hope can be very appealing to a studio, everyone wants to make a movie that will in turn transform to a profitable franchise. But it seems every bad idea gets lumped in with good ones and better movies, get overlooked.
I’m glad that regardless of the possible profit that will be made from his movie, it will not become a franchise.
So I scream, Amen - Hallelujah to that.

Uncle Drew is a sport-comedy about an old man and his crew showing that even though they have aged, the good game of basketball is still in their blood. The movie is silly to say the least and it does not even try to make any form of logical sense. Which I guess is the idea of this movie since it is based on a Pepsi commercial (and the movie is co-sponsored by Pepsi). The gravity of silliness in this movie is astonishing, you will not believe that this movie was made to entertain and not disgust.
If you are down for such level of silliness, then this movie will sit well with you.
If you are like me and when the silliness is over the top, the entire movie becomes a bore, then you will not like this movie. I did not like Uncle Drew and I’m surprised that some people did, I guess to everyone his view.

Uncle Drew in his young age was painted as the best basketballer in the world. He was the one that made everyone respect the game, because the way he played with his crew was unbelievable to say the least.
But Drew allowed the fame to get to him and he messed up before a game and it cost him everything.

Dax (Lil Rel Howery) was a loser putting together a basketball team with a star player hoping to win a competition and the $100,000.00 prize money. Beside him was his girl, Jess (Tiffany Haddish) who was with him for the hope that his star player will bring home the money.
Dax has a rival, who wanted to take his star player and build a team to win the same prize money. The rival succeeded and – also took Dax’s girl.

Alone with no home and no body to call his lover, Dax walking about stumbles into the streets and stumbles into Uncle Drew. Together they decided to put together Drew’s old team and try to win the competition.
The movie is a pain and it drains you of all that is worthy, regardless of the numerous basketball stars cameo. Please skip this trash.


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