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Next Gen (2018)

Next Gen (2018)


Starring the voices of
John Krasinski
Charlyne Yi
Jason Sudeikis
Michael Peña

Directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander

Amazing movie, the animation is cool, and the ending was done well enough, not giving us an ending that was farfetched, or trying to break the rules that it set. This may seem incoherent, but when you do get to see this cool Netflix animation you will understand.
This animation is a keeper and to me it is one of the best full-length animation for 2018, behind Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 of course. Also, I do hope Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet, will also be as good or even better.

This animation is based on the original online comic 7723 by Wang Nima – to which Netflix coughed out $30 million for the streaming rights. In the case you have seen the online comic, I can assure you the film looks nothing like the comics.
The movie plot focuses on a teen girl named May. She grew up without her father and the memory she has of him is that of him leaving her and her mother.
Her mother decided to fill the space with the aid of robots which she bought and integrated into everything in her home. May has a hard time growing up, her mother distant as she was all in her robot world leaving May to feel lonely.

During an exhibition of a new robot home helper, the creator and his partner had a secret agenda, which we get to discover. While the lead figure of this duo is talking to the public and putting on a show to which he had a sinister plan; his partner was working on a counter operative. He developed a robot which will be able to stop his partner (the face of the company) from fulfilling his plan.
May, who is at this convention decided to break away from her mother to see if she can catch a soccer match. This led to her being chased and while she was trying to get away from the robot security she stumbled into a secret lab. This is where the robot solution was being kept and she mistakenly put it into operation. Like a duckling, seeing May as his new best friend the robot decided to follow her.
She got away from him, but he still followed her home and together the formed a friendship after a rocky intro. They started to teach other how to be better at relating with others and at treating each other. We get to see their struggles as both try to discover themselves.
Cool part is the action scenes in the battle at the end, very engaging and thrilling.

The animation’s directing is something I have to applaud, and it was done by the duo of Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander who are relatively unknown.
This animation is well done and well thought through is the plot. There is not too huge graphics like you will see from Disney, but the CGI is good enough. The movie’s pacing is well done, there wasn’t a time I felt that the movie dragged.
Go see the movie.


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