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A Simple Favor (2018)

A Simple Favor (2018)


Anna Kendrick
Blake Lively

Directed by Paul Feig

Is it possible for a movie to have too many twist and turns for its own good?
The answer will be yes.
A simple favor decided to be one of those movies which keeps twisting and turning trying hard to shake off the viewer. Mind you, holding on to see how this movie will end is not a difficult task. For me, the movie could not add up enough thrill and fun in this twist and turns to make up for the time I spent seeing this flick.

When things in this movie gets a little dry, the director (Paul Feig) and his writers decide that imaginations and flash backs were the best way to fill the void. Even though this movie seems to have good reviews, I believe the movie was not worth the experience. I was left wondering what the reviews were on about. That said, I agree with them that the leads Anna Kendrick (Stephanie) and Blake Lively (Emily), were the best thing this movie has to offer. But note, both of them could not make up for the lack of enthusiasm this movie had to offer.

A Simple Favor plays out like this, there is one intelligent psycho who has had all the plans figured out in the beginning. Then to spice things up, sometimes she does not have every thing figured out.

The plot is about two ladies who could not be any more different from one another, even though both had dark secrets that are best left in the dark. They both have boys going to the same school, a play date brought the mothers together and soon they became friends.

Stephanie is a vlogger and lives off the life insurance she got from her husband’s death. Emily on the otherhand is still married and she and her husband are dead broke.
One day Emily called for a simple favor, she asked Stephanie to watch her soon for her as she will be out of town. Days passed and Stephanie has not heard from Emily and decided to take it up and voice out. She reported to the cops and Emily’s husband (who was out of the country at the time) all to no avail.

Things then got twisted when a body washes up to shore. It was the body of a lady whose DNA and physical apperance is that of Emily.
Now Stephanie decided to begin an investigaton into Emily’s life, with the hope that these clues will lead her to find Emily’s killer.

I think the reviews are a huge fan of these lead ladies, because the movie does not deliver the same kind of fun they claim they got watching it.


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