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Free Fire (2016)

Free Fire (2016)


Sharlto Copley
Armie Hammer
Brie Larson
Cillian Murphy

Directed by Ben Wheatley

Free Fire is a movie that decides to start with an error and end with practically everyone getting shot. The way some of the people died in this movie is what made me sit through it, but I feel the movie is not that great. I find it hard to say this movie is half and half, because there were times this movie just dragged. I believe the British director Ben Wheatley could have done more with the movie. This action comedy would have been cool, if the comedy had more weight, that would have filled the space of the dull moments.
Now that being said – the acting was not spectacular, and the ending was the only part of the movie that was done well. I was surprised by the way it ended and for everything the movie had to give, it saved its best for the last minute.

The movie plot starts simple. A duo (Stevo and Bernie) was heading to a meet up, Stevo was telling Bernie that he got beat up by a man who was related to a lady he abused with a bottle.
When they got to the meetup, they were met with Frank (Stevo’s brother in-law) and his partner Chris. There we see them discuss with Justine who was linking them up with another group of gun salesmen.
The thing was supposed to be quick, Frank and Chris need the guns and came with their muscle Stevo and Bernie to carry it.
Justine is the go between of the first group here and the second group which consist of Ord, Vernon and some other muscle.

When the deal was done, and it was time to exchange merchandise, Stevo notices that one of Vernon’s men was the person who beat him up. While trying to hide from him, he notices Stevo and things get out of hand quickly.
At first, they seemingly appear to be in control of the situation when Stevo foolishly brags about what he did to the girl. This led to him being shot in the shoulder and we are dragged down the road of an hour long shoot out.

Here is the joke of this shoot out, almost everyone got shot in the hand and on the leg. So, everyone had to be dragging themselves everywhere. This further made the movie a bore. As there were times when someone had to just get up and get things, and we had to watch them drag themselves on the floor.
In the end, I feel the movie had a good idea, but was not well implemented.


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