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Jumper (2008)

Jumper (2008)


Hayden Christensen
Jamie Bell
Rachel Bilson

Directed by Doug Liman

Here is a movie that didn’t get the much celebration that it needed. I can throw in some criticism into this movie’s gear work like; the plot seems rushed and that Hayden Christensen is not much of an actor.
The movie managed to pack into this very rushed plot enough excitement for me to enjoy going through the over hour of action it had more than once. Many wanted the movie to drag the whole detail of the 1992 Steven Gould novel of the same name did. Even though this movie is based on the book, it seems more like Doug Liman and the screenplay writers just grazed Gould’s work. That said, the screenplay was good enough for me.
There is an extent you can go into developing characters this movie did not even try to do that I will be honest, but its packed plot was interesting enough.

Many things could have been done to glue things together that will have made this movie far better, but I guess they did enough. Even though this movie didn’t bother to even try to input any form of character development, it tried in its action.
The movie plot introduces the lead, David (Hayden Christensen) who while trying to get the snow globe of his friend Millie (Rachel Bilson) fell into a frozen lake. He then teleported instead of drowning to his school library.
At that point David knew he had the power to be who he wanted and where he wanted. So he did what many would do, he robbed banks and mastered his power of teleportation and enjoyed his life. He was off the grid for eight years living life at the tops, until one jump too many he came under the radar of a team. The team call themselves Paladins, they are a secret society of religious fanatics who have been tracking down and killing "Jumpers". Jumpers is what they call people like David and their reason was Jumpers are a blasphemy to God's omnipresence.

The lead Paladin after David is Roland Cox (Samuel L. Jackson). Who is wondering why David has been under the radar for eight years.
David runs into Roland and barely escapes. He makes a mistake to go find his girl Millie and tries to run away with her. On their romantic trip he runs into another jumper (David never knew there were more than one) and the Jumper tells him everything about Jumpers and Paladins.
David again makes the mistake to try and get Millie out, and ends up getting arrested, he gets out by some means you will like to see and finds out that much of his life is a lie.

I enjoyed seeing Jumper then and I did now and I think you will too.


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