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Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman (2018)


Jason Momoa
Amber Heard
Patrick Wilson

Directed by James Wan

Well, well… it seems Warner Bros has woken up. Aquaman is a fun movie to see and it was sort of a comedic adventure superhero film that just takes you on a fun ride. The director, James Wan did a good job in the way he merged this CGI filled movie with live action additions.

You may critic the messy plot, the over drawn story line and the needless references to his time as a young man, but you cannot over critic Jason Momoa’s performance. His performance is well done, but all of the other actors who played Arthur at various ages were dreadful. The movie also had a shitty dialogue which jumps at you from the moment it starts, but i enjoyed the movie.

Aquaman is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. This movie is the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Its plot has our character born to Thomas Curry and Atlanna, the princess of Atlantis (you know Atlantis, the underwater nation).

Their son by the status of Atlanna is royal blood and being the first born of Atlanna, the rightful ruler. They named him Arthur (Jason Momoa), and he grew up being able to talk to any animal born of the sea. He was trained by Vulko an Atlantis' counselor. Vulko served his mother and it was his duty to teach and train Arthur in the way of an Atlantian.

A year after the invents of the movie Justice League (2017), we find Arthur continue to be a hero saving a submarine from pirates. It is there that he was party to the death of David Kane’s father, and that led Kane to become Black Manta with a single desire to kill Aquaman/Arthur Curry.

Arthur’s brother (Ocean Master/ORM) on the other hand was working up a plan to wipe out the human race. He was uniting the rulers of the various part of the oceans to have an army that will go up to the human world and seize it.
Mera was sent by Vulko to tell Arthur that he has to comeback to become the rightful heir to the throne or lose the human world that he loves.
The threat level here is high and Aquaman had to step up, he – under the direction of Vulko must find the Trident and wield it to control the oceans and be seen as rightful ruler.
Those points above is what the movie is about.

Again Jason Momoa is good at this role you can really see the fun he is having at it. Add to that we have alongside him Amber Heard who plays Mera and did she deliver on fantastic performance on a supporting role? Yes she did and did it in style.
I hope Warner Bros stay woke because Wonder Woman (2017) was a good film then the crap called Justice League (2017) followed it. The movie Justice League (2017) made it hard to take Warner Bros serious in the way they are driving their Extended Universe, but Aquaman has resurrected our attention.

The movie did not deliver the same needed emotions like Wonder Woman (2017), nor did it have the comedy of Disney’s MCU or the adventurous power the MCU commands. What it does have is something like three stories so merged to make a film that you just appreciate the idea and enjoy the time spent seeing the movie.

Go see it, it is worth the time.


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