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Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)


Gal Gadot
Chris Pine
Robin Wright
David Thewlis

Directed by Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins is the name and redeeming DCEU is her game. Wonder Woman is and to be honest a good movie. Even the DCEU haters will have to admit to the wonderful work done by the writers, the visual effect guys and of course the record setting female director, Patty Jenkins.
Even though the DCEU forth installment film is meant to be a feminist love affair, Chris Pine was the character to watch in this movie, he stole the show the same way Gal Gadot stole the show in the Batman v Superman movie.

This is not trying to put Gal down for her role in this movie, but I think more accolade should go to the female director, she did an amazing job, in this action adventure movie based on D.C.’s very own superhero Wonder Woman.

The movie starts with a Bruce Wayne gift to Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) a picture taken in World War I where Diana flanked by Steve (Chris Pine) and his crew, when they decided to end World War I.

The whole movie from then on is a flashback of Diana’s life starting from her time as a child.
She grew up under the watchful guide of her mother in Themyscira. There the young Amazon girl grew learning the way of the warrior. She matured to a beautiful warrior whose warrior instinct was awoken when she saw a plane crash into the sea.
She jumps in and saves Steve, but chasing him were Germans from World War I and the battle between the Amazon women and the Germans began. It ended with complete death of the German soldiers and casualties in the side of the Amazons.

Now that the war is nearing their shores Diana decided to go back with Steve to stop Aries the god of war whom she believes is behind all the chaos and evil of men.
The journey is an explosive one, we get to meet a certain kind of Dr. Jekyll and the battle between her and a god is worth seeing.

DCEU has not been able to make things happen when they started with Man of Steel and the other movies after that have been disappointing, but they are working their way towards Justice League, where Wonder Woman is a key member and so a movie of her origin was done.
Wonder Woman is explosive fun and I think you will like the movie a lot because every other DCEU movie has been crap so far, so there is no way the bar can be raised high enough for you not to enjoy this movie. That said, there are holes in the plot. Also, Gal Gadot needs to step up her acting, but Chris Pine out did her in is performance. Then there is the over-hyped, silly motive driven bad guy, other than their last battle he felt more like a silly foe waiting for the end to show his hand. Let's not forget, D.C. needs to be sure they get everything right before rushing into a Justice League movie. Because if that is crap we are back to square one with them being tagged the rubbish group of Comic Superhero producers.

That said, you will not be wasting your money seeing this film.


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