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Snowpiercer (2014)

Snowpiercer (2014)


Chris Evans
Tilda Swinton
John Hurt
Song Kang-ho
Jamie Bell

Directed by Bong Joon-ho

I do not know who Bong Joon-ho is, but the man can make a movie. He wrote the screenplay, (story) and directed this adaptation of a french graphic novel called Le Transperceneige. This movie is powerful in its story and the direction is just something impressive and worth witnessing.
Want to see fantastic performances?
Look no further than the one given here by Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. Both just blew this movie away with their performances in this critical acclaim movie.
The makeup on Swinton was well done that at a point was confused if it was her or another actor who looks like her.

This movie starts like something you know. An expected revolution which will end up revealing that things are not as they seem.
Well, the movie does not fail in delivering that, but the lines that made up this ending are not as cool and neat as it seems, which was surprising.
When you add to it what had to be sacrificed for the greater good with the unexpected ending. You are left blown away, as Boon Joon-ho was not aiming to deliver the traditional ending that movies like this are known to have.

Snowpiercer is a south-Korean produced Sci-Fi action film.
The whole movie unravels onboard the Snowpiercer train. This train operates on a globe-spanning track. On the train are the last survivors of human kind. This happened to be because, when the whole global warming problem was getting out of hand and mankind tried to use science to engineer a solution. The process did not work and made matters worse causing a severe ice age, killing almost everyone alive.

On the train are two classes, the first class citizens which live at the front of the train and the second class which live at the back. The movie focuses on the lives of those who live at the back of the train. They live in the dirty filthy part of the train, surviving on protein bars.

A man named Curtis (Chris Evans) is gearing up a revolution. One which they plan will take everyone to the front of the train. Like in reality no well laid plan goes as expected and their plan to make it to the front of the train, did not go as expected also.

This movie gained many accolades and if you watch the movie you get to see why. Noted as the most expensive south-Korean movie produced as at now, the movie had moderate success in the box-office. That said, it is a most watch.


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