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Tommy Boy (1995)

Tommy Boy (1995)


Chris Farley
David Spade
Bo Derek
Brian Dennehy

Directed by Peter Segal

Tommy Boy is one of those movies that just grabs your attention from the start and keeps it until it ends. The performances of Chris Farley and David Spade carries this movie, and makes it worth every minute you sit watching.
I am not a fan of road comedies, or a huge fan of David Spade, not back then and not now also the late Chris Farley even until now this is the only place I have seen his performance. Chris is a popular SNL performer but since I have not been nor am I a Saturday Night Live fan, this was my first and last taste of him as an actor. He did very well in this movie showing different ranges of his acting ability and making every time the camera is on him worth the time.

The plot introduces us to Tommy (Chris Farley) who is an immature man who has been cared for by his father (Bo Derek) all his life and never needed to grow up.
His father loves him just the way he is and never tried to change him. So this was not one of those movies where the father is disappointed in his son's lack of maturity. But, Tommy had to face reality when his father passed on unexpectedly.

Tommy's father was an industrialist and the whole business rest on his wits and his ability to make impossible deals. Now the business is facing challenges due to his death and Tommy has to embark on a road trip to save the company. His partner on this trip is Richard (David Spade), a childhood acquaintance who works for the father and hates Tommy.

The movie over time has become one of those movies, you would have seen, either because you own it at home or have seen it on TV. The movie was not a box office success and upon it’s release it was not a critical one either.
You can understand the critical disregard for the movie because other than the two leads, everyone else in the movie seem to be out of place. Bo Derek for one was just not meant to play this part in the movie, she was horrible. The story also, needed a lot of work and the way everything fell apart in the end and how Tommy managed to put it all together, was just not well written

None the less, seeing this movie again was not a bad idea. I got to enjoy myself and laugh.


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