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Doctor Dolittle (1998)

Doctor Dolittle (1998)


Eddie Murphy
Ossie Davis
Oliver Platt

Directed by Betty Thomas

Well, I had to go back and see the Doctor Dolittle of 1998, you know the Eddie Murphy one that was actually good and funny not like Dolittle (2020). This was done twenty-two years earlier, which I have to say is head and shoulders better than Dolittle (2020).
The movie has many standout moments, from John smelling his principal’s butt, to the priest carrying out an exorcism all this when he was younger. To when he was older (now played by Eddie Murphy) and a dog insults him for being a bad driver or when all of a sudden his home is filled with animals to the time of the tiger incident in public. Many memorable things happened in this movie that made it such an amazing movie to see then and even now.

The talent of Eddie Murphy soaked this movie from the moment he gets his turn on screen, and as expected the puppeteer and effects delivered the needed feel you needed to enjoy this movie.
Inspired by the series of children's stories of the same name by Hugh Lofting. The movie is well directed by Betty Thomas who also directed the Murphy and Owen Wilson movie I Spy (2002).

The movie plot introduces us to a young John Dolittle who we see talking to his dog. His father did everything he could to stop such behavior and John did growing up to be a successful doctor (not a vet), and running a profitable practice along with his two friends.
John is also married with two girls and we see that he is not having the best of times. Not that he is struggling, but you can see that he seems out of place like something in his life is missing.

Everything changed when he almost hit a dog with his car and he could swear he heard the dog call him a bone head. That single incident triggered something, John was in a meeting the next day and he started hearing all the animals around him talk.
He suspected that he was having a meltdown and sought help, but that did not make things go away for him and the movie changed pace from then on as we see John deal with his new found gift.

The film was not a critical success, but it was a commercial one which led to a theatrical sequel and three spin-offs. Murphy reprises his role in the second theatrical movie. I prefer this to the new one released now, good thing is the new Dolittle is doing badly so there will be no second part to the nonsense.


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