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Mallrats (1995)

Mallrats (1995)


Shannen Doherty
Jeremy London
Jason Lee
Claire Forlani
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

Directed Kevin Smith

This is my first time seeing Mallrats and I can see why it is a cult classic. I saw it once and was so looking forward to the weekend to see it again. I got lucky to get the original version not the theatrical cut. I had two hours of fun filled time watching the guys of the View Askewniverse, some I recognise and others never showed up again in any other movie.
The run away fun in this movie was Jay and Silent Bob. They had a more prominent role in this movie than the other movies in the universe, excluding Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) both movies were centered on them.
Everything funny revolved around these two. Also, everything that needed to be destroyed, made to work or just to get the needed people in the right places or out of the way, these guys are your men to get it done.

Another fun person in this movie is Jason Lee, his character Brodie is the kind of person you will love in any movie, because he is all words with no filter.

The movie plot is about two friends T.S. and Brodie who got dumped by their girlfriends around the same time.
T.S. is heartbroken and wanted so much to get his girl back and is willing to show his emotions on how he felt. Brodie on the other hand is also heartbroken, but hides his feelings.
Brodie suggest that they go to the mall to get over their pain and move on, but that was a challenge.

There at the mall, both their girls were there and so was many others. T.S. and Brodie go through some self realization of what they want plus we get to see them try to ruin T.S. girlfriend’s dad because he was instrumental in the ruining of T.S. relationship.

With the simple plot the movie fills the gap with comedy and things you will not believe anyone will put in a movie in the 90s and hope people will like it. The movie was not a critical or commercial success at the time of it’s release.
If you get to see this movie now, you will appreciate it more. The jokes which would have been offensive at that time, are the same jokes I am laughing at today and you will too.

Plans to make a sequel to this movie is still in place, with Kevin Smith saying plans have kicked off this year, 2020.

If like me you have delayed in seeing this movie for one reason or the other, I tell you to stop wasting your time and go see this movie.


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