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Last Christmas (2019)

Last Christmas (2019)


Emilia Clarke
Henry Golding
Michelle Yeoh
Emma Thompson

Directed by Paul Feig

Last Christmas is one of those movies where, everything about the movie is cool except the story itself. I enjoyed the movie and will gladly give it the six-out-of-ten I believe it deserves. But aside from that, the movie has a problem with its story.
The whole plot twist, the sub-plots and the process of self-discovery of the lead could have been done better. But what makes this movie enjoyable is the cast, the movie boast of power leads in Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. They and their supporting cast were hard at work to make this movie good. The director mashed it up together real good that you go from one scene to the next looking forward to seeing the actors as they interact wishing the story they were telling had more spice.

I will not be sharing the plot twist here or dropping any spoilers, but this is one of those movies that is best you know how it will end before seeing it. If you do, you will appreciate the movie more. So, I will leave you to decide for yourself.

The movie's story is written by Emma Thompson (who is also in this movie as Katrina's mother) and her husband Greg Wise. The movie gets it's name from the George Michael song, Last Christmas and the lyrics inspired the story.

The plot introduces us to Katrina (Clarke) who likes to be called Kate. She and her family moved to England from Yugoslavia, when she was younger. Katrina is having problems with getting her life together and spends most of her time drinking to get over her depression. She found a way to wreck all her friendship and ruined her relationship with her family because of her selfishness.
She also takes advantage of her boss a lady who has taken a liking to her and cares for her. One day at the shop she works she sees a man standing outside looking up. She goes to meet him and things pick up from there.

Soon this man becomes a part of her life. His name is Tom (Golding) and he always seem to be there when she needs him the most. Soon they start to fall for each other and his presence in her life made her take her life seriously and be more present in caring for others around her.

The movie was a financial success, but not much of a critical one. This romantic, drama comedy is fun to watch and delivers the need juice to enjoy it.


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