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Triangle (2009)


Triangle (2009)




Melissa George

Michael Dorman

Rachael Carpani

Henry Nixon

Directed by Christopher Smith

It had a false start, making me think I was in for a long ride to discover the loop and before I knew it the lead Jess (Melissa George) started having déjà vu. Triangle is a fun movie to see, with a thrilling mysterious story which leaves you wondering when it all started and how ever is it going to end.

The movie we are watching is like the middle of a long on going loop, that just seems to intertwine here and there. Each time the lead tries to get a hold on things, we see it slip off her fingers at the most awkward moment. She runs into herself numerous times and we see her struggle at times with getting ahead of herself, already aware of what is going to happen. Here is where the director showed his mastery of the movie, allowing Jess to run into herself numerous times and not making it creepy all the time. The only time it felt silly was when she led a couple to a room, I felt the director let go of the reins there.

The plot introduces us to Jess, a mother with an autistic son who seems to be at her ends in managing him. We then skip ahead to see her boarding a boat with her friends to go sailing. When asked about the whereabouts of her son, she says he is in school in a creepy way.


While sailing they get hit by a storm causing the boat to capsize. They find a way on the capsize ship bubbling along until they a ship sailing by. They get on board to discover that there is nobody on it. Jess starts to get déjà vu and gets a feeling that something is really wrong.

Soon we all start to get the feeling because this massive ship Jess and her friends is on, at first appears to be empty, then all of a sudden they start to be taken out one by one, by a lone shooter.

Later on, Jess discovers that, the shooter is herself and now she is up against herself, trying to stop the shooter and then discovers she is in a time loop, which she also has to end.


The movie seems to have many possible ways of getting things done. As you will soon discover whenever it seems like a new path is being made, we run into signs that shows that path has been crossed before. The movie boast of a big budget in the production with did not payout in the box office earnings. The other down side itself is the stories the loops take, there are times I felt bored and wished they will hurry things up.

Triangle ends nicely for some, but in my case I like my stories to end so for me the ending could have been better. Good movie to see and enjoy, fantastic use of time loop, and wonderful directing.


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