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Fierce (2020)

Fierce (2020)



Maciej Zakościelny

Julia Kamińska

Anita Sokołowska

Tomasz Karolak

Directed by Anna Wieczur-Bluszcz

Every felt the need to justify yourself?

Well, this movie makes you feel that way when you finished watching it after the first ten minutes, and you have to write a review about it.

I have seen worst B-movies l can tell you, but this is just in the same realm. It is filled with so much cliché, lazy lines and acting worth being slapped for. The whole movie is supposed to be a musical-comedy about a young adult finding herself and some romance. In the end what I got was a boring musical with stupid drama and a romance story my four-year-old niece has done better in the ones she made up. The movie’s message was the problems of chasing fame and the after effects, well it failed in passing that message across after failing with the drama.

This polish movie starts with some of the worst set of young actors gathering before a TV set watching what we are to believe is the most popular singing competition in that country. The problem is the most popular judge Olo, is a Simon Cowell wannabe (and a horrible one at it too mind you). One of the young lady giving attitude while watching this show is Martha (whose stage name is Fierce, that helps with knowing why the film has that name). Martha we find out is the love child of Olo. Olo used to be or is (the movie did not help in clearing that out) a popular musician and after impregnating Martha’s mother he skipped town chasing fame.

Well, you can guess Martha went to the show, when it came seeking for possible stars in her town. It is from here the movie went crazy stupid. Martha goes on stage and dissed Olo, not singing, just dissing the man and had to be held back. This was a live show so it made them popular, the producer decided to make Martha qualify because of her popularity on dissing Olo. Now mind you Martha is no singer, but she allowed the man to make her come to make a fool of herself for rating gold. Now this was such a stupid thing, because Martha went and from the pit of nowhere sang beautifully. From here on you can guess your way through the movie, I am already bored talking about the plot.

What annoys me most is that the producer was not smart enough to even try and investigate the real truth between Martha and Olo. Then Martha getting carried away and becoming a mess and two parents looking for their child stop the search to kiss. The whole movie has some of the most awkward moments in movie history. Two people (Martha’s father and mother) who barely spoke, had a romantic moment out of nowhere, even the girls I was watching this with were like, “from where?”

Well, you can guess during a weekend getaway with my friends this is what the girls wanted to see and we the guys (and later on the girls) hated the movie.

This is a total skip on Netflix.


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