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Godmothered (2020)

Godmothered (2020)




Jillian Bell

Isla Fisher

Jane Curtin

Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Directed by Sharon Maguire

In the whole idea of trying to please the today crowd, this movie ended up lacking the needed magical touch synonymous with Disney to even matter. I felt the idea of this Fairy Godmother (Eleanor played by Jillian Bell) not knowing that the world had change and trying to find a man for her ward (Mackenzie played by Isla Fisher) was cool. I was hoping to see more stumbling around on the matter, but the movie kept criss-crossing between Mackenzie, her children and her work that I kept wondering which was the focus.

Godmothered is a fantasy, comedy film with a forgettable plot and not so good effects from Disney studios for their streaming platform.

Godmothered made me laugh in some places and cringe at others, but cringing was more. What Disney and the writers did was take the normal tales we are used to and make them more present dayish. The tweaking did not end there, they went ahead to add a little self awareness here and there. They then removed the traditional plot of, “having a man equals a happily ever after.” Which we all know is not true, being coupled up does not mean happily ever after. That message I liked and I liked how Mackenzie found joy in making her child’s dream come true and finding peace within herself to stand up to her useless boss. All these nice messages were just at the end of a nagging presence of a boring movie.

It starts by taking us to motherland which is where all the Fairy Godmothers get trained for their work. Problem is, nobody has needed a Fairy Godmother in years and the whole things is dying. Even the Godmothers in training are being taught outdated history and methods of caring for their ward. Eleanor is a trainee Fairy Godmother who is eager to get onboard and help people find their happily ever after. When she found out that motherland was going to be closed and the Fairy Godmothers reassigned, she knew she had to find someone to help to save the whole idea of having Fairy Godmothers. She went to the store room, found an old letter and decided to go help ten-year-old Mackenzie. Problem is when she gets to where Mackenzie was, she was no longer a ten-year-old girl. She is now a grown woman with children of her own.

Eleanor decided not to let the lapse in time from when the letter was sent to when Mackenzie got a response be a wall to high for her to scale. She went ahead with her plan to give Mackenzie the happily ever after she needs. Eleanor has also found in her eyes the prince charming to do it. So with Mackenzie trying hard to keep Eleanor in check, Eleanor oblivious of the time she is in, became a story magnet, as she bumbles through town causing headlines.

You can catch this movie on Disney+ i will not advise you do though.


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