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Freaky (2020)

Freaky (2020)



Vince Vaughn

Kathryn Newton

Katie Finneran

Celeste O'Connor


Directed by Christopher Landon


Freaky is comedic horror movie from Blumhouse production, you know the people who love making B-class horror movies and remakes. Freaky is a Freaky Friday ripoff with a horror spin. It also borrows a lot of element from Friday the 13th. I enjoyed the performance of Vince Vaughn in the movie, but the movie as a whole is not spectacular. It is a movie you can skip through and still understand what happened and why.

Totally a B-movie fest with B-movie performances and the plot just everywhere. The cause of the switch is due to the killer deciding to add robbery to his list of bad things. The movie starts with some elaborate murders by what you will already know is meant to be comedic. From the acting, to the lines in the beginning and the very long intro to when things start to really take place you must be very patient or you will tune off. After the murders which happen in a home, the Butcher (the serial killer played by Vince Vaughn) steals a dagger which is encased in a very enticing way.

Our protagonist is Millie who is not getting along well in school. She is constantly being bullied by not just the girls, but the boys in school too. After a school game, Millie was alone waiting for her sister to come pick her up, when she was attacked by the Butcher. The Butcher overpowered the fighting Millie and stabs her with the knife he stole and we witness some spiritual nonsense.

As the Butcher stabs Millie he too gets hurt in the same place, this startles him and soon Millie’s sister shows up who happens to be an officer and saves Miller while the Butcher escapes. The next morning both Butcher and Millie realise they have swapped bodies. Millie now in the Butcher body is now heading back to her school, with the intent of finding her friends so as to get help. The Butcher now in Millie’s body is also heading back to school. The Butcher now loving being in the innocent lady body decided to continue the killing spree.

Millie finds and convinces her friend that she is trapped in the Butcher’s body and they dig into the knife which caused the switch. They realise they have to get it and stab the Butcher with it before midnight so that the body switch will be undone.

Did not fancy the movie, nor the comedy that much, but for anyone who wants to see some brutal killings will find many in this movie. The producers show all the killings with enough gore, so for someone like me which that does not freak, I did not see that as any help to liking the movie.


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