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Peppermint (2018)

Peppermint (2018)



Jennifer Garner

John Ortiz

John Gallagher Jr.

Directed by Pierre Morel

I have to say, the martial arts show, the gun shooting and the whole vigilante move by the character Riley North played by Jennifer Garner is worth seeing. The plot of the movie may not be the most air tight, but the movie itself is so engaging and interesting that you find yourself wanting to see her do more harm. Why critics don’t like this movie is beyond me, what is there not to like?

The action was nice, the plot was easy after the weird start and the end was just what anyone watching would have wanted. Here is a movie that gives you what many of us hope for when it comes to dealing with corrupt officers and people meant to uphold the law.

The movie has a very convoluted start, the movie begins with a lady (Riley) pointing a gun at someone and saying, “you do not remember me do you?”, then shoots them. You feel this must be a revenge move, but for what? I guess the movie wanted so much to keep me in suspense, so I played along, but as expected after that incident a flash back gave me the rundown of what led to what. After a long intro which I did not care for the movie gets moving fast as Riley gets really dangerous throws care into the wind and the action starts coming in fast.

Riley and her husband Chris are having some financial challenges. But they both have been doing well enough to handle things and also show love to their only daughter.

One of Chris' friend approaches him and ask him to take part in a robbery of a powerful drug baron Diego. Diego gets a whiff of the plans to rob him and catches all the men involved. Chris later calls to tell his friend that he will no longer partake in the robbery, but Diego wanted to make an example of him. The purpose was to warn anyone not to even think of robbing him. Diego had Chris, his daughter and Riley killed, but Riley survived. She now alone and with the officers identified the shooters, but we get the idea from the start that Diego has someone in the LAPD and the judge in his pocket and the case was thrown out.

Outraged in court, Riley attacks her family's killers, but is stopped and was to be taken to a psychiatric ward. It was there she escapes. She goes underground to learn how to be a badass, then five years later she comes back to L.A. and goes after the people who killed her family.

In the end, with the very cool soundtrack that follows this movie is here a movie that would have been awesome as a two parter, but you get the sense that they would ruin it the more so you would rather just have this one film to watch. I will advise you give this movie a watch, it is available on Netflix.


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