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We Can Be Heroes (2020)

We Can Be Heroes (2020)




Priyanka Chopra

Yaya Gosselin

Andy Walken

Hala Finley


Directed by Robert Rodriguez


I made a mistake taking the time to see this movie because I felt it will be something worth seeing, but this Robert Rodriguez superhero movie is made solely for children. There is no other way to put it, as an adult I find myself hating almost every moment of the movie. The theme of transfer of powers and the way that transfer actually happened is again meant for children. It is exactly like those Nickelodeon kids shows.

What made me watch this was the Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) presence in the movie, he played a tiny part as Missy’s father.

The movie’s plot starts promising, but as it develops you start to wonder if this was not written by a child. Then the end, when the whole idea comes to light, ends up making this movie even worse like something developed to waste your time. When it comes to CGI this movie seems not interested to even try to impress. I guess for me making a movie such as this with many ideas stolen from Sky High and Spy Kids, could have been done better. Sky High for example is a movie that had such ideas and was done well enough for even adults to like it.

Because you cannot say this was made for younger children, because the plot has an alien attack, a planned escape and fights. Now the fight choreography was so bad it became sad seeing it, then they could have scouted better children actors, come on.

The movie is set in a world where humans having powers is the norm. Our main character, Missy is living with her father who has promised Missy to never be a hero again, based on an incident in their past. There is something off about these heroes, each seem to be selfish, self-centered and never wanting to work together.

On one faithful day, aliens attacked planet earth and captured all the heroes, their children were kept safe in the heroes headquarters. It was there that Missy meets all the hero’s children and know of their individual powers – Missy though has not discovered or does not have any powers.

Missy noticed that one of the children Ojo (who does not speak) has the ability to see into the future and draws it on a pad. With all their parents captured Missy noticed that one of Ojo’s predictions means the aliens will be attacking where they were kept. She was able to mobilize the other children and they escaped, being chased by the men in the heroes HQ.

Now out and on their own, they must find a way to save their parents and also save the world.

This was a total Robert Rodriguez production as he produced, directed and wrote the movie. He also edited and was the movie's cinematographer.

The movie is streaming on Netflix and as I said it is for children.


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