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Run (2020)

Run (2020)



Sarah Paulson

Kiera Allen

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty

Here is a fine psychological thriller to see. The acting from Sarah Paulson (as Diane) is as expected legendary and the way the movie increases the pulse rate of the viewer as everything happening seems to be climaxing is very ingenious. With nothing more than two main actors doing their best in bringing to your screen the intensity between a mother and a daughter caught in a strange web of lies – run makes the best of everything and everyone as supporting cast in what would be a small budget movie, but a memorable one.

Spoilers ahead...

The movie puts everything at stake for the two characters as they battle to see who will come out on tops in this life and death or capture situation playing out before us. Run is a fun film to see, I was not fully engaged at the start until I started to see the discrepancies in the actions committed by Diane. With an already established dejavu feeling watching this movie I was not surprised when we discover that Diane had FDIA (factitious disorder imposed on another). What still kept me going was the the extent she went and what Chloe was ready to do to get ahead of things.

The movie starts with us seeing Diane crying at what we felt was the death of her child. We jump 17 years ahead to see Diane in a meeting with other mothers, which set the tune that there is something off with Diane mentally. Diane does display feelings of someone not stable, but she bullshits the whole meeting saying she is very confidence in her daughter’s ability to be independent and she cannot wait for her daughter to leave home so she can be free.

Her daughter Chloe we come to see is very ill, she has asthma, she is diabetic and paralysed from the waist down. Chloe is very technically skilled and has applied to go to the University and awaits her acceptance letter.

Diane micromanages Chloe and does not allow her to have contact with the outside world. Chloe was home schooled and is without a phone or friends. Things took a turn when Chloe was trying to steal some chocolates and sees the pills she takes in her mothers name. She asks Diane about it, but Diane just brushes it off, which makes Chloe become suspicious that there is something off.

From that point on, Chloe does all she can to find out what those pills are and what they are for. Upon discovering what they are and what her mother has been doing to her, everything starts to collapse and the movie takes a dark turn.


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