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Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

 Big Trouble in Little China (1986)




Kurt Russell

Kim Cattrall

Dennis Dun


Directed by John Carpenter


How to know you are watching a flick done in the 80s? The music is usually the big give away, the score in those days were always synthesized rock music and your head always nods along.

Big Trouble in Little China was a movie John Carpenter wanted to make because of the martial art aspect of it, as Carpenter always wanted to make a martial art film. He drove to make this not just another B-rated martial art film, and the result is this cult classic. The movie was a critical success, but at the time of its release this movie was a box office dud.

One thing that really stands out in this movie is Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Jack. He crafted his character to have a typical western hero feel, but with some modern-day jive and enough silliness. All through the film he was a tough guy who was always in over his head, and was only able to save the day because he has nice reflexes.

The movie plot is silly and the acting at times just don’t add up. Some of the characters were a waste and the bad guy just sucked. Yet, I liked the movie.

The plot introduces us to Jack a truck driver who seems to have made that aspect of his life become the only thing about him that matters. After restaurant owner Wang (who is also Jack’s best friend) lost a bet to him, Jack decided to drive Wang (Dennis Dun) to his restaurant so they can get the money owed. Wang wanted Jack to first take him to the airport to pick up his fiancée first. It was there the fiancée got kidnapped, by some gang members from Chinatown.

With the help of a lawyer (Kin Cattrall) who was also at the airport, they were able to track the kidnappers and found themselves in the middle of a good vs evil war between two factions in Chinatown.

The bad guys have Wang’s fiancée and their boss Lo Pan is a powerful sorcerer who wants to sacrifice her. Wang and Jack have to find a way to save her, before the ritual and inevitably save the world.

The comedy in this film is not just in the happenings on screen, but some of the lines from the characters and even though the effects in this are below par, the film itself is worth seeing. The directing and acting needed a little tune-up: for example, Jack lost his truck and he is going out of his mind. His friend had his fiancé kidnapped and he seems to be cool about it for like the first twenty minutes of the film.

There are plans to make a sequel which will star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the possibility of that happening is still up in the air. One thing I hope is that John Carpenter is involved.

Carpenter went ahead to make some conic book series about the film. If 80s style action movies are not your thing, this will not change your mind. But if 80s style movies are your go to card, then you will love this.


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