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Thunder Force (2021)

Thunder Force (2021)




Melissa McCarthy

Octavia Spenser


Directed by Ben Falcone


Thunder Force is Netflix’s new take on superhero movies and I actually found the movie funny. I enjoy seeing Melissa McCarthy, but her movies for me are usually misses. The jokes never funny, but because I enjoy her presence I always comeback for more hoping to get one that I will like. This like the few of the movies I liked is funny. If you remove the wasted time on cringy things, annoying lines and cliché settings – this is a very decent film. I can understand the critic dislike of the film, because I have to say this is not a clever movie and it will not be breaking any ground with people clamoring for a sequel.

The pair poured their whole energy into this movie, and this husband and wife (Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy) production as they have usually done in the many McCarthy movies before this, would have done better with a more original and clever script.

The movie starts with a brief intro into the world of now – after a cosmic bean hit the earth and gave powers to people. The bad thing is in this new world, the people who have the natural instinct to be evil are the ones who have the genetical capabilities to use these powers. Emily (Octavia Spenser) lost her parents to one of these supervillains now called miscreants.

Emily was sent to a new school and was a subject to be bullied, until Lydia (McCarthy) came to her rescue. They grew up to be best friends, but Emily’s drive to finish what her parents started caused their friendship to end. Her parents were working on making good people with powers to face the miscreants, so as to balance things using genetics. Here I believe the movie should have just kept them as friends instead of the awkward reunion they had.

Emily succeeded in finding a way to make good people with powers and their awkward reunion – with Lydia’s messing around when left alone in Emily’s office led to her getting injected with the superpowers of super strength. Emily made two batches of superpowers at that time and the one of invisibility was left for her to take.

Lydia and her formed a superhero team called Thunder Force, after getting over a lot of their past issues and must stop the supervillain The King.

I will not be surprised if this movie gets viewed a lot on Netflix because of the acting pair in the lead role. The problem is that this movie is almost impossible to recommend, because even though I laughed in numerous places I just feel the movie should have done more especially with the action. Just imagine if the movie had stepped out the power of Emily instead of just making her an invisible girl with a taser.

I believe the pair would have had us begging for a second part, if the script had been more original and the powers cooler.


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