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Nobody (2021)

Nobody (2021)



Bob Odenkirk

Connie Nielsen

Aleksei Serebryakov



Directed by Ilya Naishuller


This movie decided from the start that it will not be predictable. Nobody doesn't try to do anything new, just to make us know that Bob Odenkirk can be a versatile actor. And even though he does not look it, he can be an action star.

Love is the word I will use to describe the way the movie started. It started by showing us the endless circle of working. It creates in you a numbness when all you do is go to work, come home eat sleep, to wake up and do it all again. This is the life of many. It happens daily all through the year, until they break the cycle and do something so you do not end up being numb for all your life. Then this numbness creates fear and sometimes that can be a problem. The fear our character Hutch had was not fear for his life after his house was burgled, but fear that he was not doing enough to protect the ones he loved.

The movie takes a dump on Hutch (Odenkirk) who decided not to take a swing at a burglar and was getting a lot of lip for it. From his son who had taking down one of the burglars and all Hutch had to do was hit the other with a golf club and that will be that. Lip from his brother-in-law, neighbor and he even feared his wife had looked at him different. We later on find out why Hutch had not taking a swing on the burglars, but still the fear of not doing enough was eating at him. He let it go, but his switch was flicked when he discovered that the burglars had taken his daughter’s cat bracelet.

Then using skills, he acquired when he served, he decided to hunt down the burglars. This is when the movie takes a Liam Neeson’s Taken feel. After he has gotten the satisfaction of getting the burglars. He was just about looking for someone to just mess with him and he so wanted to right the numerous wrongs of life. The movie takes a sharp action turn at just thirty minutes in, leaving you to wonder what will happen in the remaining hour. Hutch decided to take down five guys, muscular men who wanted to hurt a lady. He beat the five really badly, as in really badly and it so happens one of them is the brother of one bad ass Russian, and Hutch dropped his card during the fight (mistakenly), now the bad guys are after him now. Then the movie switched from Taken to John Wick in just fifteen minutes. When the bad guys decided to corner him, we find out that all Hutch’s family are bad asses and then the movie then switched to a Rambo: First Blood feel.

Enough said, this is a great movie to see. So please go and see it.


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