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Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted (2007)



Amy Adams
Patrick Dempsey
James Marsden
Timothy Spall
Idina Menzel

Directed by Kevin Lima


It is not every day that you watch a film that talks about the ending from the start, setting the stage for being predictable and then sticks to the predictability with a perfect landing. Enchanted does not try to add anything new to the happily ever premise from the start, but the path to getting there required some dose of reality that I always wanted some of these fairytale people to get. Taking the lead character from the fantasy world and bringing them to the real world where happily ever after is a risk and not always possible.

The whole cringe-feeling when they are singing and witty lines added to the fun of the movie. Amy Adams’ performance in this movie is like this is truly her world. She sings well and her portrayal in this movie makes this movie just something suited for her person. The movie carters to all ages and even though the CGI effects of the dragon in the end is a complete letdown, you can overlook that when things reversed in the damsel in distress scenario.

Enchanted is a Disney live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy about a young lady Giselle (voiced and portrayed by Adams) in an animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia. She dreams of one day getting her happy ever after and be married to a prince. The prince (Edward voiced and portrayed by James Marsden) of the land’s stepmother is evil and rules the land of Andalasia. Her rule ends when Edward gets married so she does all she can to keep him distracted. One day Giselle was being attacked by a troll and it so happens that Edward was the one to come to save her. They fell in love that same day and were to be married on the next.

The evil queen then tricked Giselle into making a wish at a pool and pushed her in, Giselle fell through and ended up in our real world as a live person. She is confused and wondering around New York looking for her prince. A divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) sees a confused Giselle in the rain and his daughter runs out to go see. His daughter was enticed by Giselle all dressed up like a fairy tale princess, with Robert running after her and catching Giselle when she fell.

Robert agreed to help her, but was sucked (not literally) into her mayhem of fairy tale looking for her prince. On the other side Edward came through the pool to the real world to come rescue his maiden and now we have two people from the fairy tale world acting crazy and looking for one another, causing trouble every where they go.

The movie gave Adams a lot of recognition for her work in it and it was both a critical and commercial success for Disney. Even though I believe the production cost was way to high at $85 million, the movie did remarkably well and Disney has had plans for a sequel for a while now. Pre-production has started and the title of the film will be Disenchanted with Adams, Dempsey, Marsden and Menzel.


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