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Heartbreakers (2001)

Heartbreakers (2001)



Sigourney Weaver

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ray Liotta

Jason Lee

Gene Hackman


Directed by David Mirkin


When I was younger, I was a huge fan of these two Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt, so when this movie was released, I had to go see it. Heartbreakers is a crime, romantic comedy about a mother and daughter duo who con men off their money. The strength in this movie is not in the cons, because there were not elaborate and the cons rely heavily on the men being promiscuous. The strength is actually in the comedy and how the ladies handled themselves in some really sticky situations. The acting performances of the casts in this movie makes it out to be one cool movies you will get to see.

The big downer in the movie is its length, I feel the movie dragged on a bit when it could have just made things a lot simpler.

In this movie we get to see Max (Weaver) getting married to Dean (Ray Liotta). It all looks weird the whole marriage ceremony, but when it was time for the honeymoon sex Max found a way to avoid it. A now horny Dean goes to work the next day and is seduced by his secretary. Max walks into the office and catches them in an awkward position. A divorce is done with Max walking away with tens of thousands and a car.

Dean is devasted and feels horrible, he truly loved Max and vowed to hunt her down. We later discover that the secretary is Paige (Hewitt) Max’s daughter and Dean had been conned.

Paige wants to branch out on her own and stop leaving in her mother’s shadow, but Max found a way to make sure that did not happen. So, they decided to do one last con, with Max doing her work on William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman). Paige on the other hand tried to do one on her own, but her lack of experience led her into the arms of bar owner Jack (Jason Lee). No matter how hard she tired, she was always running into him and before long feelings start to develop.

Now Max is in the know of Paige’s game and wants her to stop, Dean is still on Max’s tail and the con on the old man Tensy was not going well as planned. How they all managed to deal with everything is what watching this movie is all about.

The movie was not much of a commercial success and had numerous mixed reviews, but I liked it and removing the length I think it is a nice film to see anytime.


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