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Titanic (1997)

Titanic (1997)




Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Winslet

Billy Zane


Directed by James Cameron


This review contains spoilers:

Titanic for a long while was the highest grossing movie for all time, until beaten by Avatar in 2009 another Cameron movie. This James Cameron epic romantic disaster was like a drug that Cameron did to make sure that women will do anything to see this movie over and over again.

At the time of its release, it was the most expensive movie ever made costing over $200 million. It was a critical masterpiece earning eleven academy awards including best picture and best director for Cameron. Even though I did not like the romantic stupid ending of this film, if I remove that part I have to say this movie is a visual masterpiece. An almost perfect artwork by Cameron which he wrote, produced and directed.

The movie does starts off interesting, I recall seeing it back in 1997 when it came out and was disappointed and ended up resenting the movie when in the end Jack died. I still have a huge resentment for this movie, even though I respect its place in time as a classic.

It is not that tragic romantic movies are not worth seeing, but I was disappointed to see that the end of this totally engaging movie was the death of a man whom I thought (this is my thought) would have had a better chance if he had left Rose on the board and tried to find one for himself.

The movie tales a fictional tale of what led to the mighty Titanic a ship which in the 1912 was believed to be unsinkable. We meet the characters in the movie and the captivating way acting should be done. Mind you. This is not the first time I have seen the powerful performance of Kate Winslet, but in this film, she is head over heels the main attraction.

Rose (Winslet) is being pawned off to a rich man (Billy Zane) by her mother so that they can be settled into wealth. You get the feel that Rose was not into this planned union. On the ship at the third-class region is Jack and his friend, their compartments if full of happiness and party. While in the first-class their cabin is filled with wine and dine. Series of beautiful events led to the two meeting and out of nowhere a romance is born between the two. It is from here that the movie takes a powerful turn of performances and lines that will forever remain burnt in my mind.

When the Titanic struck an iceberg and began to sink, I was so much engraved in the movie. It was like I was there and no longer a viewer, the way the people were handling how to get the people off the sinking ship and the drama between Rose and Jack cannot be described by words. Here are two people madly in love and being hunted by Rose’s fiancé while the ship they are on is sinking rapidly.

Well love did not save the day in this movie, which may be why I have a certain dislike for it. But this movie set numerous records and was a crowd pleaser with one of the best movie soundtrack there ever was.


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