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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)




Kaya Scodelario

Hannah John-Kamen

Robbie Amell

Tom Hopper


Directed by Johannes Roberts


The movie has this taste of a low-budget horror movie which I feel it is not supposed to be. This reboot of the Resident Evil franchise spends more than thirty minutes of its time talking, with characters just juggling about and leaves you waiting for things to happen.

I recall the first Resident Evil video game where you can choose to either play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, each character had its own props. This movie tries to give you the first game feel and As it is an adaptation of the first two resident evil games.

Here in this movie, we see the two (Chris and Jill) as partners as in the game, but their story is tied in a lackluster story to the Umbrella Co-operation saga. Jill had little to do with the plot and had less screen time than the main characters.

The biggest let down of this movie is the underdeveloped characters. Chris and Clare orphanage life was a glimpse in this movie. Before we see Clare hitchhiking back to the town she left. She breaks into her brothers (Chris) house to show him a video of a friend reaching out to her for help, Clare we come to know is a somewhat news investigator.

As the story develops, we come to understand that Umbrella through one of their agents in the city have planned to destroy the city to contain the virus. The past of Chris and Clare which we were getting glimpse off, did not brighten. All we get to know is that the orphanage was like a rat cage for Umbrella, as they were using the children there as test subjects for their virus.

This movie plot fails to even meet up to the low bar set by the previous set of films starring Milla Jovovich. How this movie with all the tools it had failed to even be good enough to ask someone to see it goes over my head. Here we see a new take on the main characters, giving Clare (who joined the games series in Resident Evil 2) a lead role as she is the one who gets the gist and tries to get her brother involved.

The movie’s b-movie feel starts with Clare getting to Raccoon City and survive some very near-death experiences before her brother and the other officers were called on the case.

What I liked in the first six Resident Evil movies is the introduction of a new character (Alice – Milla Jovovich) whose life runs parallel to the main game characters. There are some meets here and there, but a new character made it a lot easier to invent stories around her.

Finally seeing this movie and wishing that I did not bother.


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