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Sing 2 (2021)

Sing 2 (2021)



Matthew McConaughey

Reese Witherspoon

Scarlett Johansson

Taron Egerton


Directed by Garth Jennings


The movie is the same feel as the first Sing movie. The assurance that if you liked the first movie, you would like this one, is sure. Sing is a CGI animation from the stables of Illumination. I expected to see Minions 2 before this movie, but I guess Universal has other plans, with Minions delayed to later in this 2022.

There was no need for a Sing 2 to be honest, the way Sing (2016) ended everything worked out well, but it was a financial success so Universal wanted to milk this franchise. This new movie is just the same notes on a different instrument. This time our group has nailed it locally and the new Moon theatre is selling out. They want to expand to the big leagues and play in bigger and more popular theatres. There was a scout sent to watch their local show, but she does not gel with it and does not believe their production is suited for bigger theatres.

As you can guess, Moon after some inspiration decided to not take the criticism and sneaks himself and his group to audition for the entertainment mogul Jimmy Crystal.

As you can see, if you compare this setup with that of the first movie it is just too similar, there is no step up or a change in the challenges for our characters. Again, Moon is up against the odds and he has found a way to smuggle himself and his group to the front of the line, convincing Crystal they are more than they seem.

The movie from the start does not shy away from giving us some popular songs from the oldies that will have chill and listen. The more recognising change in Sing 2 also comes from the inclusion of more popular current songs that will have you nodding along.

The writing of this movie decides to up the challenge for Moon, not only has he found his way to Crystal and has promised to deliver a killer show on the whim. He also promised to deliver a popular singer called Calloway. A musician no one has seen in more than fifteen years. The movie at this point does not hold any suspense that I can tell you. Because here is a character no one has seen for years, yet Moon and his assistant were able to find him in like minutes.

That’s the setup for the movie, we have Moon trying to wing it and convince Crystal that he can deliver, while also scared to bits to confront Crystal to add an extra challenge. Finding Calloway is one thing, Moon still needs convince him to join the show.

Sing 2 like I said was not needed, but it is a good family movie. It will not make a splash in the box office, but I hope there will not be a Sing 3.


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