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The 355 (2022)

The 355 (2022)



Jessica Chastain

Penélope Cruz

Fan Bingbing

Diane Kruger

Lupita Nyong'o


Directed by Simon Kinberg


I get the idea of wanting to do a spies turn villain female flick, where the ladies are the heroes. There will be shooting and near misses, jumping of cranes, hanging on balconies and a scene where a lot goes down in a dark train tunnel. I get it, but can we do this with a story that makes sense, or at least worth the time and effort I put into seeing this.

We have seen many male centered movies play that same plot repeatedly, it was getting annoying then with this repetitive flare. We seeing ladies do that same thing does not make it less boring. The plot in this story is forgettable and it just throws everything in the air and the directing was poor. He did not tell this story well at all, in fact he failed in making me feel like the women were doing a good job, even though they saved the world.

The movie uses the oldest trick in the movie world, if you do not see them dying or see their body, they ain’t dead. Add to that you know that stupid thing that lovers do in movies? When they get betrayed and there is a chance to get their pound of flesh back and they chicken out. I can expect that from like 10% of society the other 90% will shoot your ass. Our lead here, Mace (Jessica Chastain) is fronted as a bad ass, she did that one foolish chicken crap thing and it resulted in the death of the friends and loved ones of her new formed female click.

Here is the plot without giving much away. A planned supposed drug deal went burst as we discover it was not actually a drug deal but a weapons deal. The officers watching the house to burst in when they feel the time was right were shocked by the messages they were hearing. Turns out the item on sale was a drive which can allow you hack into anything and use it. The officers burst in when a double cross didn’t work and almost everyone died. One of the officers stole the drive and wanted to sell it to any government agency (CIA in our case concerning Mace). The CIA had brokered a deal and Mace was sent with Nick (her partner and longtime lover) to go get the drive.

Things did not go as planed and Mace is now being looked at as a suspect. She contacts a British agent friend of hers Khadijah to help her in retrieving the drive. While having run-ins with a female German operative who is also after the drive.

I am sick and tired of lazy writing with characters flying from one end of the world to the other chasing bad guys. Bad guys who decide that the best way to move things about is to create a complicated web of transactions that basically complicates things for them. Meanwhile, making it easier for the good guys to infiltrate and make their planed supposedly easy meal, complex.

The action in the movie did not make up for the poor writing and directing.


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